urban cameos

decline of the urban empire

adults apply masks of smiles
feigning life in Camelot
as witches, ghosts and goblins
travel door to door
demanding treats

they distribute candy to masqueraders
simultaneously falling apart under their own guise

crumbling like pumpkin flesh
they leave only the grotesque smile
of the jack-o-lantern
as evidence all is not well

trick or treat

copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries



olfactory heaven (or not)

the flavor of downtown varies
from corner to corner
here it smells like Starbucks coffee
with  a muffin on the side
there one can vaguely catch the whiff
of the bottle hidden in a bag next to
an early morning body
lying alongside the storefront door
maybe dead (or not)
no one wants to find out

on the crazy corner where five streets meet
an aroma of summer
|scents of fresh fruit
tantalizing and irresistible
mixed in with popcorn
freshly popped
maybe carmelized ( or not)

across the street an odor
more distinct  but elusive
wafting in from the mill
down the road and to the left
unidentified but
definitely unpleasant
permanent to the area (or not)
depending on the economy

copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries


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