About Terri

In March of 2013 I lost my husband to a massive heart attack, and it has changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I’m learning to figure it out, but this new path I’m on is much more difficult to follow than the one I was on before. I spent some time writing about that journey, and the end result is my book, On The Way Home, which can be ordered below through Amazon. Just click on the title.

On The Way Home

On the Way Home ebook cover.jpg








I write poetry and prose for both children and adults, but I also love writing novels. My completed historical fiction, Such Secrets, is being edited, and my second book, a contemporary fiction, The Last Good Summer, is in the editing process as well.  Although all of that would seem time-consuming enough, I find time for knitting, crocheting,  gardening, pallet crafts and photography (though I have to admit I am rather an amateur with a camera).

I have five grandchildren who manage to keep me young and sometimes exhausted.
They have allowed me  different perspectives on the world, some of which show through
in my writing.
I enjoy gardening, as will be seen in the photos of my flower islands, and I have been
known to sew doll clothes and furniture slipcovers.  Life at my house is never dull.

11 responses

16 09 2009

Nicely designed blog

16 09 2009

Congratulations on a terrific blog. Glad I have a friend who has all this talent.

12 10 2009
Proverbs 3:3

Your blog looks great! I’m still trying to find time to learn about blogging to get mine up and running. It’s been raining horrendously in Missouri and our newly renovated barn/home is not fond of water.

I’m waking up at 4:30am everyday to write, and I begin with Philippians 2:13. I’ve transitioned from dragging myself out from warm covers to loving the tranquil period. I look foreward to it now.

Exciting things have blossomed from the conference. God is awesome!

Great to find you on the web.

Penny Monetti

PS- I had no idea your photography skills parallel your writing talent!

27 11 2009
Kelly Stanley

Terri, I was just messing around online and discovered my blog listed in your blogroll. Thanks! I am guessing you must be part of the writers group with Irene and Joe and Patti? I look forward to looking through your blog… lots of good stuff on here!

28 11 2009
Terri DeVries

Hi Kelly-

Yes, you’re right–Irene, Joe and Patti are in my writing group. Thanks for finding my blog! It’s great fun to read what other bloggers write.

28 03 2010
Kerri VanderHoff

Jill M. referred me to your site as I am compiling spiritual poetry to be displayed in the GR Art Museum on April 2. Wondering if you’d give permission (with full credit of course) to include “God’s Paint”. Please let me know. You can contact me at pr@artmuseumgr.org THanks!

11 08 2010

Hi Terri, great to meet you at the conference in Muncie. Hope the inspiration lasts for us for quite a while! Blessings, Christa

26 08 2010
Nikki Studebaker Barcus

Terri–Just checking out your website and wanted to say it is beautiful! I could while away my whole afternoon reading and looking at the gorgeous pictures. I hope as summer turns to fall that you find some time to fit in your writing. So nice to meet you in Muncie.

18 09 2010
Eva Ybarra

Dear Terri: What a wonderful website…I read through your poetry and saw your beautiful photographs on nature…wow …very moving…I truly enjoyed your thoughtful poems and you are to be congratulated for being so talented. And you also do crochet and knit…I haven’t gotten there yet…I can only embroider…(something my mom taught us as children…growing up in the country…in Granger before we moved into the city of Granger…) I still remember you and our High School…wow …so many years.
Anyhow…KUDOS and more to you for your dedication and willingness to share your talent with others…many blessings to you and your family in the coming year!..your friend…Eva

21 10 2010
Sara (Driesenga) Conway

Mrs. DeVries,

How fun to browse around your site. When you are a child you have no idea what life might lead to. I just remembe yummy chicken & cheese on buns and chocolate chip cookies. How amazing to see God’s giftings in you be expressed in such beautiful ways. Can’t wait to continue seeing and reading!


28 04 2016
Joan Nanninga

Hi Terri,
I just read your blog and also the gift of sharing your grief with your church family. It was such a blessing to know you both and especially the time we spent in our knitting group and Stephens meetings. God bless you in the days, and years to come with His nearness found in daily life, family and friends.


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