random thoughts


the day after  

the day after
the wind blows
snow lies silent on the dormant ground
clouds linger in the petulant sky
as time resolutely moves
into a new year

nothing changes
nothing is the same

the day after
the morning sun rises in the east
at nightfall it
slumbers westward as the
stars wink at the moon

nothing changes
nothing is the same

the day after
dullness filters
into the oxygen
filling the air with
a haze of

nothing changes
nothing is the same

the day after
is an eternity
from the day before

it will never be the same

it will never be the same

copyright© 2010
by Terri DeVries


that strange segment in time
between wake and sleep
ushers in the night visitors
waiting silently

greedy for attention
they slither into my mind
casting impressions
without form

unease surfaces
bubbling up unbidden
darkness grabs my hand
pulls me away from myself

the dream-bringers
lugging their bag of tricks
filled with fragments

who chooses the dream
heavy with
a bizarre plot
for tonight’s entertainment?

abruptly awakening
dream-bringers slip away
packing up dreams

copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries 



photo copyright © 2009 by Terri DeVries


plowing the fields in summer
as furrows emerge in rows
the tines strike and resonate a zing!

bending down
careful not to get entangled
I pull out the reason for the sound
round and smooth
cool as autumn rain
a small brown stone has worked its way
from the depths

its brothers, much larger
have formed the fence around the field
but this stone, too unimportant
will find its way into the child’s
treasure box to be cherished

many shades of brown and gray
striations of milky white and silver
too small to be worthy of guardianship

maybe of more value
perhaps its size outght not to be the benchmark
of its worth
a thousand stones comprise the fence
around the field
one small stone the treasure

 copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries 


terminus ad quem

she arises slowly
takes a cloth
wipes the table
as though the words
had spilled there

tracing-paper thin
has ended
leaving consonants
in midair
with nowhere to go

the squeaking of the
closing door
small screams

it is the sound
of a life

copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries



mistakes can be corrected
penciled words eliminated
by a single swipe
though a haze remains
the writing is obliterated

I blot it out of my mind
the doctor says the words
but I cancel them out
like a child
plugging my ears
quietly repeating


the pain cannot reach me
I refuse to hear
if I don’t acknowledge it
reality is erased


there he is
tubes leading in and out
 machines humming a tuneless drone
paleness the color of the day
matching the walls
and sheets
and pillows

it’s all a mistake
a case of misdiagnosis
it can all be erased
if I only wish it hard enough
if I only keep denying the truth
if I only plug my ears


copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries


day interrupted

it comes

I make my coffee
sit on the patio
contemplate the day

the list is long
     oil change
     luncheon appointment at…
     haircut at two
     bank deposit
     tickets for Friday
     check on Mom

a normal start
the busy
takes the day

in the middle
my cell rings
it is my sister

irritated, annoyed
at the interruption
I snap

then I stop


copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries


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