waiting it out 

in brutal storms of winter
icicles grow
boldly falling from eaves
glistening victoriously in the sun

snowflakes multiply
each more glorious than the last
creating a spontaneous blanket
of lacy white on frozen ground

the mournful wind ly cries
around corners
through barren trees
between window panes

cold creeps in under doors
chilling all it touches
challenging the stove
to warm it up

darkness falls early
stays late
the sun struggles to send rays
over frigid landscapes

nature holds its breath
as dormant trees
stand sentinel in wintry shadows

spring watches patiently
keeping its schedule
tiptoeing in with care
one bright March morning

sending winter packing
it spreads pregnant seeds
moistened with dewy rain
to collect  hues for flowers

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



act two 

night clouds
pull the covers over the sun
hurrying it to bed

the moon sits to the side
waiting for the stage

stars position themselves
over the vast dark blue
of the sky

meteors dart in and out
leaving small sprays of
white in their wake

morning peers
carefully over the horizon
waiting for the moon to fade

sun’s rays reach out
anticipating the start
of a new day

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries




a child cries in the night
you know it is newborn
by the sound
so much of life ahead
a clean slate
waiting for life to write the story 

a toddler cries in protest
trying to find boundaries
his parents are setting
hoping to be reined in
but acting

a pre-teen cries in frustration
nobody likes me
my clothes are all wrong
I hate my life
struggling to grow up
wishing to stay a child

a young adult cries inequities
wanting to succeed
using his gifts
showing peers his talents
finds inexperience
a roadblock to success

a parent cries inadequacy
watching children
make lifetime mistakes
wanting to correct
knowing enough to stand back
hoping for a better end

an old woman cries in the night
you know she is aged
by the sound
so little of life left
her slate full
waiting for the end of the story

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



full circle

spring winds blow across
freshly washed skies
fluttering trillium petals
like butterflies 

mountains lean down
whispering to the pines
casting shadows
on fading snows

mischievous summer rain
teases dry earth
dripping only enough
to create more thirst

sun snatches the moisture
before the soil
can assuage its dryness
killing the growth

autumn ignites trees
reds burn earnestly
eating up
the green

leaves recline on the pond
floating like plankton
reluctant leftovers
of fall

the sky, white with snow
shows evidence
of winters rage
as flakes are driven down

brown earth below
plays hide and seek
allowing the blanket
to rest softly

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries




his words rained down on me
in gentle showers
smelling of spring

his touch was velvet on my skin
warm and enveloping
soft like orchid petals

life was spread out like the sea
endless and restless
waves of anticipation swelling

his words impale me
harsh and brutal
jagged edges tearing flesh

his grip is iron on my soul
no letting go

the end of life is welcome
beckoning with urgency
better than living

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



the dash 

the dash

it’s been a while
the flowers have died
grass grows

years of erasure
have faded
on the stone

from the hillside
she sees the lake
water blending into sky
waves shrugging off

he loved the water
wanted this spot
overlooking the bay

crazy, she muses
he can’t see it now

she checks the dates
the year born
the year died
separated by a tiny
between the dates

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries




she toddles into the kitchen
a little munchkin bedecked
in her latest favorite pj’s
eyes still held captive by dreams
smelling of sleep
reaching for mother’s arms
teddy clutched firmly
she succumbs to second sleep
that moment of perfect bliss
inhaling the aroma
of brewing coffee
security of love all-encompassing 

she drags herself into the kitchen
a moody teen
in an oversized  tee shirt
eyes averted from her mother
she slams cereal into a bowl
douses it with milk
defiance oozing from every pore
she scoops two spoonfuls
stuffing her mouth
to insure no dialogue
insolence prevents contact
with everyone 

she races into the kitchen
a new trainee
dressed for the office
eyes eager, feverish
quickly pours the cereal
devouring half a bowl
she finds and fills an insulated mug
pours scalding coffee
grabs her new leather briefcase
kisses her mother
as she runs out the door
crashing head-on into a new job 

she sluffs into the kitchen
tenderly cradling her newborn child
eyes heavy with fatigue
expertly pouring coffee
simultaneously rocking
her precious cargo
snuggling the child
she carefully fills a bowl
adding a splash of milk
heady warmth engulfing
holding love in her arms
she savors the moment

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries






5 responses

16 09 2009

Cool, you go, girl. Have this published. It is very worth reading.

16 09 2009
Charlotte Loveland

You are a very talented poet…loved them and loved visiting your blog site!

19 09 2009

Terri: You have a lot of talent…Kudos!…love, Eva

19 09 2009
Stacie Sorg

Terri, your poems are wonderful!! I enjoyed reading all of them. Keep on writing!!

26 10 2009
Trudy Block

YES, you are a poet. So glad you’ve ‘come out’. I will be following you! Who would have guessed that you knit together words as well as yarn to be preserved for posterity.

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