nature poems




the sun, a star in its own right
glares at the moon
sitting nonchalantly in
the early evening sky

glowering, the sun sits on the horizon
spreading rays of pink, purple, gray
as it becomes more angered, the colors
turn to reds and  oranges
and the sun tries to stare down the moon

 the moon sits coolly in its own space
contemplating the sun’s displeasure
but giving not an inch
in fact, moving forward into
the evening sky

at last the sun begins to sink
spewing dissatisfied rays of color
it makes its spoiled way
into the sunset

it will chase the moon
from the morning sky
and the duel will begin

copyright© 2009
by Terri DeVries

act two

night clouds
pull the covers over the sun
hurrying it to bed 

moon sits to the side
waiting for the stage

stars position themselves
over the vast dark blue
of the sky

meteors dart in and out
leaving small sprays of
white in their wake

morning peers
carefully over the horizon
waiting for the moon to fade

sun’s rays reach out
anticipating the start
of a new day

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



moss mound at Higgins Lake

                                         Photo copyright © 2009 by Terri DeVries

Higgins woods in fall 

a path winds through the woods
at the lake
lacy trees stand guard
over the sun-painted shadows
on the pathway

seedlings grow wild
undisciplined offspring
stretching tall
among the grownups

quiet echoes in the woods
awed reverence
 for indescribable beauty
commands pause

moss mounds along the path
push against trees
boastful in their greenery
proud in their uniqueness

ferns whisper to each other
waving gently
to the grasses in the glen
keeping secrets to themselves

invisible wildlife
hidden from the daylight
wait for dusk
to start their party

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries 




by the wind
a sacrificial lamb
is snapped easily as a twig
the wind moves nonchalantly on
searching for its

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



Up north with Ed and Annette 116

photo copyright © 2009 by Terri DeVries


windy day
at the beach
shells strewn about
sea glass sparkles
waves crash
 against rugged rocks

footsteps appear
indentations in the sand
consistent in their stride

far as the eye can see
they continue
ongoing for miles

their origin
their distance
a mystery
soon erased

wind willfully
blows grains of sand
until the footprints

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries




requiemphoto copyright © 2009 by Terri DeVries


in the middle of the field
the barn resides
standing at ease in the landscape
erect posture disintigrated
into a distinct lean

in its heyday
animals cohabited
hayloaders deposited bales
pitchforks skewered straw
cats nurtured kittens

once the heart of the farm
now neglected
a structure
rendered useless

finding solace in the hayloft
nesting owls are
feathered residents
in the skeletal remains of
the farm’s grand old lady

windstorms howl through
flattening crops
beheading cornstalks
folding the groaning barn
into its final demise

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries

frigid season frigid season


frigid season

winter held the water captive
circling it with walls of ice
in the cold January air

under the glacial surface
fish swam uninhibited
relishing their reprieve

trees on the banks
cast frosty shadows across
the gray expanse

devoid of birds, the bare limbs
danced in the icy wind
crackling as they moved

color was absent from the landscape
erased by snow
canceled by winter’s chill

the icicle-draped cottage on the shore
boarded and forbidding
implied abandonment

a forlorn rowboat
securely tied at water’s frozen edge
the only allusion of return

copyright©  2010
by Terri DeVries

baby robins-one day old

baby robins, one day old

circle of life
they glow light aqua-blue
oval perfection
in a nest of straw and twigs
the satin sheen a product
of everyday feather dusting

one day I check the nest
and eggs have been replaced
with fragile pink
nearly hairless bodies

bulbous eyes protected by
    transluscent lids
sharp beaks open 
they are restless as they wait for
gummy worms

each morning I visit
chastised by squawks of
protective parents

     feathers increase, thicken
     bodies grow, change
     eyes open, piercing black
the nest fills and overflows

expectant and hungry
they crane their necks
     beaks wide open
awaiting treats of
regurgitated invertebrates

today I check
 to see if they will leave
this sunny morning

the nest is empty, broken
     a wing
     a beak
     a leg
lie under the tree
soft feathers
float on the breeze

copyright© 2010 by
Terri DeVries

One response

30 10 2009
Trudy Block

I enjoyed requiem. The word-pictures spoke to me from my youth. I like free form poetry because it leans itself to ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ rather than boxed in rhyming which seems to speak to the mind.

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