children’s poetry

                                                       Winter Picnic  

                                                       It’s snowing and blowing.
                                                       Too cold to go out.
                                                       Snowflakes are falling
                                                       And flying about. 

                                                       “We’re going to be stuck
                                                        In the house for a while.
                                                        Let’s have a picnic!”
                                                        Mom says with a smile.

                                                        So out comes the blanket
                                                        And plates to set up,
                                                        The napkins, the silverware.
                                                        Each gets a cup.

                                                        We eat picnic food
                                                        Like burgers and chips,
                                                        And apples and oranges
                                                        With special fruit dips.  

                                                     “Dessert,” says our mom
                                                       Is the best picnic treat!”
                                                       She brings out the grahams
                                                       The chocolate so sweet,

                                                       Marshmallows! Wow!
                                                       We clap with delight.
                                                       We love indoor ‘Smores!
                                                       We eat every bite.

                                                       We clean up the crumbs
                                                       And leftover food,
                                                       But Mom isn’t done
                                                       With her picnic mood.

                                                     “Time for some beach ball,
                                                     Ready, set, go!”
                                                     We follow our mom
                                                     To the basement below.

                                                     We wear our sunglasses
                                                     And toss the beach ball.
                                                     Our mom really is
                                                     The best mom of all!

                                                     copyright 2009
                                                     by Terri DeVries






The Habits of Rabbits

The habits of rabbits
Are great fun to see!
Their hippity-hops
Are so funny to me. 

The rabbits have noses
That wiggle and twitch.
Their small bodies jiggle
When they scratch an itch.

Their whiskers are wiggly
As wiggly can be.
When they crunch on carrots
They are silly to see.

I’d love a cute rabbit
To have for my own,
But when I ask Mommy
She says “When you’re grown!”

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



God told Jonah he should go
To Ninevah one day.
Jonah laughed out loud and said
“Not me! Uh-uh!  No way!”

He got aboard a sailing ship.
He thought he would go hide,
But God knew just exactly
What Jonah would decide.

God sent a hard wind on the sea
To blow the ship around.
The sailors were afraid, and thought
That they all would be drowned.

They asked, “Why is there such a storm
On such a quiet day?”
Jonah said, “It’s all my fault,
I tried to run away.”

“Just throw me overboard right now
And safety will return.
The waves will stop, the winds will calm,
The waters will not churn.”

The sailors did what Jonah said
And threw him overboard.
And soon the storms were quieted
All ordered  by the Lord.

Meanwhile, Jonah found himself
Inside a great big whale.
For many days he lived there.
It felt just like a jail.

Then God decided it was time
For Jonah to be free,
And so the whale threw Jonah up
On land beside the sea.

Again, God said to Jonah
“My word is still the same.
You must go on to Ninevah
And speak there in my name.”

Jonah did as God had said.
He told them he was sent
To say that they were sinning,
And the people should repent.

Jonah learned to listen
When God spoke to his heart.
He knew that God would bless him
If he only did his part.

So that’s the Jonah story,
A lesson for today.
When God asks us to listen,
Like Jonah, we obey.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


My lambie is my best friend.
We go to bed each night
We say our prayers together,
Then Mom turns off the light.

I snuggle with my lambie.
He keeps me nice and warm.
I know he’s there beside me,
I feel his fuzzy form.

I’ve had him for a long time,
His fur is wearing thin.
I just love him so much
I tuck him near my chin.

His ear came off one morning
As I took him from my bed,
But Grammy sewed it right back
On the bare side of his head.

Someday when I am older
I know that he will be
Still there to be my best friend
‘Cause he’s so dear to me!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



Have you thought of rabbits much?
Wondered why they’re in a hutch?
Why each tail is a cotton ball?
Have you thought of them at all?

Do you ever think about
A pig who has a big old snout?
Why his tail is in a curl?
If the pig’s a boy or girl?

Does your mind imagine cats
Running after scary rats?
Wonder why they often comb
Whiskers when they come back home?

Do you ever try to see
If there’s an owl in the tree?
Does he hoot into your ear?
If you listen, can you hear?

Have you ever seen an eel?
Do you think he‘s really real?
Will he slither? Will he swim?
Would you want a meal of him?

Wonder, wonder every day, 
As you think and learn and play.
Wonder, wonder as you grow,
About the things you want to know.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries



Bright flowers in the springtime
Come in every size and hue.

The grass is prickly tickly
And the summer sky is blue.

Leaves are swirly twirly
When they come down in the fall.

The snowflakes make a blanket
That’s the whitest of them all.

Seasons are a blessing
From God for us to see.

They help us see His beauty
In creation’s majesty.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Best for Me

Peas and carrots, spinach, beans,
Broccoli and potatoes.
Onions, squash and cauliflower,
Lettuce and tomatoes.

Mom says all these vegetables
Are healthy as can be,
But I think cotton candy
Is the very best for me!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Oodles of Noodles

Oodles of noodles
Fall onto the floor.
They slip from my fingers
And roll out the door.

They roll and they roll
Till the dog eats them up.
Now oodles of noodles
Are inside my Pup!

Oodles of noodles
Fall onto my chair.
They stick to my arms,
They stick in my hair.

But lots of them get
To my tummy, and so
Those oodles of noodles
Will help me to grow.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Rainy Day

Micah loves a rainy day.
He loves to splish and splash and play.
But Mommy says “No, no, my dear,
You need your rainy weather gear.”

Micah puts his raincoat on,
He’s ready for some water fun!
But Mommy says, “No, no, my dear,
You  need your rainy weather gear.”

Micah pulls galoshes on,
Hoping that the rain’s not gone.
But Mommy says, “No, no, my dear,
You need your rainy weather gear.”

Micah gets his ‘brella out,
Opens it up with a shout.
But Mommy says, “My dear, my dear,
The rain has stopped! No weather gear!”

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


God’s Paint

God painted the sky
With a brush full of blue,
A brush full of white,
And a purply hue.

He painted the animals
Black, gray and brown.
He painted the trees
With a green, leafy crown.

The flowers were painted
With pink, orange and red,
With purple and yellow,
And then our God said,

“I’ve practiced enough now.
I think what I’ll do
Is paint the most perfect
Colors on you!”

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


The Trouble with Bubbles

The trouble with bubbles
Is not how to make them,

The trouble with bubbles is,
How do you break them,

When thousands and thousands
And thousands appear,

And you cannot stop them?
Oh dear, Oh dear, dear!

Those troublesome bubbles
must pop right away,

Or there will be more
By the end of the day! 

The bubbles keep coming.
Oh what can I do?

 What would you do
If it happened to you?

A small cup of soap
seemed just about right

For a few soapy bubbles
To play in tonight,

But now Mom’s upset
And I am in trouble,

And all of it started
With just one small bubble!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Noisy Crickets

Mommy, Oh Mommy
Please turn on the light!
I hear crickets crunching
On crackers tonight.

I try not to listen,
But crickets are loud
When they crunch crispy crackers
In such a big crowd.

I wonder how crickets
Can go to the store,
And buy crunchy crackers
To crunch on the floor.

Then Mommy says, “Alex,
It’s time for goodnight.
No stories of crickets
I’ll turn off the light.”

But I know those crickets
Are real as can be.
I’ll find all their crumbs
And then Mommy will see!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


How Fast Can You Run?

How fast can you run?
Can you run like the wind?
Would you win the race
If your knees have been skinned?

Could you outrun a tiger
In a land far away
If he gave you a head start
Of most of the day? 

Could you fly like an eagle
And make a big swoop, 
Or soar like an airplane
That loops the loop?

If hummingbirds wanted
To keep up with you,
Would they have to work
To have your bird’s-eye view?

How fast can you swim?
Would a shark beat you out,
And finish before you
Are up and about?

Would a whale run you over
And leave you behind?
And as you catch up
 Would he try to be kind?

How fast can you run?
How far can you fly?
If you couldn’t swim,
How hard would you try?

No matter how fast
Or how slow you may be,
I always will love you,
You’re special to me!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries

My New Pet

The ant in the kitchen
Finds good things to eat.
He really loves crumbs
And everything sweet.

He carries his treasure
On top of his head.
It looks very heavy,
That big crumb of bread!

Should I try to help him
With his heavy task,
Or wait until he has
The courage to ask?

I know he has worked hard
To clean up my floor,
But now my Mom says he
Must head out the door.

Goodbye little ant.
Maybe someday you’ll be
My pet when my Mom
Gets an ant farm for me!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Silly Lilly Lizbeth Bott

Silly Lilly Lizbeth Bott
Was such a silly clown.
She said “the sun is very hot,
Which switch will turn it down?”

One time she went out in the rain
To try to make it stop,
But when she shut the faucet
She could still feel every drop.

Silly Lilly Lizbeth Bott
Just did not like the thunder.
But when she couldn’t turn it off,
It made her start to wonder.

Her Mother said, “Dear Lilly,
You just don’t understand.
The weather’s not controlled by you,
It’s in someone else’s hand.

God has all the switches
to the weather up in space,
so we don’t have to worry
any time or any place”.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


Story of the Shepherds

One bright and starry evening
On a hillside far away,
The shepherds dozed and rested
As they waited for the day.

A sudden host of angels
Made them waken with a fright,
As they heard the choir of voices
Fill the starry winter night.

Their hearts filled with amazement
As they heard the message clear:
“Our Lord has sent a Savior
To the people he holds dear.

Now go to Bethlehem and see
This child God sent to you.
The star will lead you to the place
And show you this is true.”

And so they did as they were told,
And went to find the child
Whose bed was in a manger,
 Where warm straw was softly piled.

They told the world the miracle
The angels had revealed,
And then, rejoicing greatly,
They went once more to their field.

But as they walked, they praised Him,
The God of all things made,
And worshipped Him together,
Nevermore to be afraid.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


The Perfect Place

Have you ever wondered
How the world would be today
If Eve and Adam had obeyed
And simply walked away

 Leaving Satan in the dust
Not listening to his lies
But following God’s leading
Ever faithful, ever wise?

Would Eden still be growing
Green and beautiful and calm
With fruit and vegetables galore
And shady trees and palms?

Would animals live quietly,
The lamb and lion there
As if they all were brothers
in that perfect world so fair?

Imagine never sinning,
Never being lost or  sad,
But always being happy
and content with what you had.

Though Eden did not last long,
We have promises that we
Will someday find God’s  heaven
Is the greatest place to be.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


The Wise Men

Three Magi came to find the child
Whose birth had been foretold.
The eastern sky shone with the star
So glorious to behold.

They followed it with gifts in hand
Of myrrh and incense sweet,
And precious gold, the very best
With which their King to meet.

Then, finding Him, they bowed down low
And worshipped Him with joy,
And as they left they thanked their God
For showing them this boy.

The child who came so humbly then
Our King would one day be,
And, like the Magi, we can also
Praise Him thankfully.

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


  Night Mares    

One night I saw a donkey.
He was clucking at the cat.
A horse was making hissing sounds.
Can you imagine that?

An elephant was mooing,
And a pig said, “Caw, caw, caw.”
A cow was meowing softly,
While the chicken said, “Hee haw!”

A fish was barking at the moon,
A dog began to scream.
Then suddenly I woke up.
Oh, what a funny dream!

copyright © 2009
by Terri DeVries


4 responses

16 09 2009
Linda Webb

All the poems are very good, but the Children’s Poems are by far my favorite. I am sooooo very proud of you, my friend.


16 09 2009

Terri, you did an excellent job. I didn’t know you were so packed full of this talent. Praise God especially for the childrens section.


23 09 2009
Esther Ritsema

I spent a good share of my afternoon enjoying your blog. I can’t wait to read your children’s poetry to my grandkids. You are gifted!


9 12 2009
Trudy Block

You have hidden this gift too long. Thanks for coming ‘out’ now. Your grandchildren must love visits with you. Have you inspired them to write poetry? I remember my earliest love for poetry was in 2nd grade when Miss Magnuson read Robt. Lewis Stevenson’s poetry, “O How I Love to Go Up in a Swing,” “When I Was Sick and Lay Abed,” and others. I still have a book of his poems but it never seemed to grab my grandchildren.


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