The Library

21 09 2012

I used to think that I would eventually run out of reading material. My average time to finish a really good book runs two to three days, reading part-time. At that rate I figured there would be an end to the list of must-reads in the near future.

Today I have a stack waiting to be cracked open. For the sake of this post, I decided to brave a count of those as-yet-unread books. Umm, I stopped counting at 34. And I have a shopping cart at Amazon with more. Not to mention the list. That would be the three-page,  double-column list in 10 point type.

Then there’s the book club folder on my e-mail, with 161 book suggestions, and those are only the ones that sounded interesting. Finally, my kindle; well over a hundred titles on that, waiting to be read. So maybe I’m not in peril of running out of reading material after all. My new dilemma might be finding the time to read all those waiting books. . . .

Most are on the to-read list.




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