Memorial: September 11, 2001

11 09 2012

Wtc View 911 Lights

This date will forever be burned in my memory. I was at work when it all began, and I can still remember the feeling of disbelief, and then horror, as I realized the enormity of what was happening. All those needless deaths, all the fear, and the sense that life would never be normal again–it all comes back to me as I remember that morning.

I remember the heroes, those countless men and women who risked and in some instances gave their lives trying to save others. Wow. Never had we felt so vulnerable, so helpless, and so horrified as we did on September 11, 2001, the day the world as we knew it ceased forever.

And then I think about the people who scoffed at the reports and said they were propaganda–that the twin towers hadn’t really been hit, the deaths had been exaggerated, even that our own government had staged it all. I stood at my place of employment watching men and women jump from the top of the towers, saw their bodies hurtling through the air to certain death, choosing that way to die over being incinerated by the fire. One picture is etched in my memory; two people, hand in hand as they fell. It made me sick to witness first-hand that senseless destruction of human lives, purposely caused by fanatics who believed their station in heaven was secured because of this act.

I saw the rubble after the towers crumbled like so many Lego blocks, the air thick with smoke and ash. I saw the brave firemen and policemen carrying people down the littered streets. And it occurred to me that the Jews still living after World War II faced that same skepticism. Those who claim the camps didn’t exist, the exterminations never happened, and the whole story was made up, must cause such anguish in those who survived the holocaust.

More than six million deaths resulted from the WWII concentration camps. I can’t begin to understand how anyone, if they have read the stories, seen the pictures and spoken to the survivors, can say it never happened. Now we have the memories, pictures, television coverage and testimonials of those who lived through September 11. These things truly did happen. They are lessons to those of us who will listen, and we are given the awesome responsibility of making certain that the next generation knows this was reality. It is the truth, it is unpardonable, and I pray it is never repeated.

May we never forget. God bless America.



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