On writing, public speaking and the effect of nerves: My personal rant

20 02 2012

Today I’m polishing up five poems to submit to Dyer Ives. I’ve had them workshopped, read them over a hundred times, analyzed my choices, and debated:
Are they my best?
Will the judges like the style of poetry I’ve chosen?
Will they even think of them as works of poetry?
What am I doing submitting to such a prestigious contest?

Then my mind moves to this coming weekend. I’ve had a poem accepted for publication by Artifactory in Kalamazoo. I have to do a reading for that poem on Sunday. The nerves are setting in, because I don’t do well with public speaking–it’s not that I can’t read well. I know I can. It’s those darn nerves.

Standing in front of a group of people to read aloud something I’ve written is a bit daunting for me. I have many writer friends who are so composed and can read without a quaver in their voices. I want to be them . . . poised and confident.

I’d rather be in my comfort zone, sitting at my laptop, gazing out the window into my back yard, writing.

I’ll be doing a lot of deep breathing this week, along with other more meditative exercises. I hope it helps.

Any suggestions on how to calm the jitters?





One response

20 02 2012

If your poem was accepted for publication it must be good. Be confident in that. Own it. Be proud of it.

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