After the challenge

7 12 2011

I took the 50,000 word challenge from the National Novel Writering Month, and I finished with just over 54,000 words. It was a tough month, since it was November and all that involves, but I got it done. My second novel, The Last Good Summer, is taking shape. I have about 30,000 words to go, but I like how the story is developing, and at some point I’ll include a chapter or so for your reading input.

The challenge has proved to me that I can do almost anything if I really put my mind to it. Whether or not it will develop into anything remains to be seen, but I love the characters in all their human frailties.

What fascinates me is that this is a totally different story than Such Secrets, my first novel. That was strictly historical fiction, where this is what is currently being labelled as mainstream fiction. I had always thought that if there were to be a second novel it would be a sequel to Passages, but as it turns out, that didn’t happen. I’ll tell the story of how this newest book came into being sometime in the future.

One of my favorite authors is Anita Shreve, and what initially intrigued me about her writing is that each book is so totally different from the others that you wouldn’t be able to pick one up and say, “Oh, this must be an Anita Shreve book.” Her style changes with each story. I think that may have just happened to me as  well.

What can I say. I love to write. Every day the characters tell where the story is going and what they are about to do. The best job in the world? I certainly think so!



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