The Plot Thickens!

14 11 2011

I’ve reached the halfway point in my challenge to write a novel in a month. Here’s a brief synopsis of the story:

Will Thompson has a terrible secret. Until Romy Smithfield came to town, he was able to stuff the ugliness into a dark corner of his heart, but Romy begins to soften him, starting with the stray dog she brings into his life.

Romy has secrets of her own. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, she’s had surgery to remove most of it and endured a round of treatments before
deciding this wasn’t what she wanted for herself. She moves from Madison, Wisconsin, to Harristown, Washington and starts a new life in the small rural town, where she meets Will. As headaches increase in intensity, Romy forges a strong bond with him.

Mandi Newton is a seventeen-year-old runaway whose policeman father has molested her since she was nine. Romy meets Mandi as they ride the
same bus cross-country. Mandi settles in Kamiah, Idaho for a time, but eventually moves to Harristown to be with Romy.

How the three learn of each other’s secrets and become a supportive, unorthodox family unit paints a poignant picture of three strong  individuals in 1975 Washington.



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