The Inginuity of the Hook

20 09 2011

On our trip to the Netherlands this past May, I learned a lot of little gems of information. Details in the picture above are just a sampling. First, I learned that all the homes in the city of Amsterdam lean slightly toward the street. If you stand back and really look at the buildings, it’s pretty obvious. The homes are tall and narrow because of the small spaces. Stairs are precarious, not for the faint of heart. But here’s one of the most interesting things I learned.

At the top of each home there is a ‘hook’ like the white ones you see in the picture. Those aren’t just decorative, they serve a purpose. Look carefully at the one on the left and you will see a rope hanging from the ‘hook’. Because the stairways are so narrow and steep, it’s impossible to get furniture in through the front door. So they simply attach a rope to the sofa, piano, table, bed, mattress, recliner, hutch, or whatever, and hoist it up by using the ‘hook’. We saw this in action once while we were there, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture. The house leans forward so that the item being brought up doesn’t break a window on its way to its new home.

That’s just one of the many tidbits I picked up on our trip. The creativity of the Dutch people makes me proud to be from that country. I’ll be sharing other great ideas in future blogs.

The things you learn!



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