Age–Does it Matter?

15 09 2011

I’ve been thinking lately about my friends. I have a lot of them, and for some reason I’ve never stopped to think about their ages. Most people seem to choose friends  that are around their own age, whatever that age might be. I used to do that. But something has changed.

I started to go through my list the other day just for fun, to see what the age ranges might be. Wow. I have friends in almost every age group.

0-17: yup
18-25: yes
26-35: sure
36-50: quite a few
51-65 definitely
66-80: why not?
80-plus: absolutely

So here’s the interesting thing;  when I’m with these people or talking to them on the phone, I never think about their age. We have a lot in common, and that’s what draws me to them. Interests, shared experiences, things to teach, things to learn, all of that makes for a good friendship.

How about you? What age groups do your friends cover?



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