Appreciating the arts

8 09 2011


Seven Days of Creation

I spent some time this morning going through my photos. After an hour or so of organizing and deleting, I came across last year’s Artprize pictures. Once again I was impressed by the variety, creativity, and talent of those artists who put their work out there for the public to see. I have so many favorites out of those we had time to visit, and I regret that there were several we simply couldn’t cover due to time restraints.

What an awesome thing, having that kind of ability. The mediums that were used were simple, everyday items most of us would never consider as art material. Here are some of the ones I remember: wine corks, tiny black and white pictures on pop bottle caps, cigarettes, tiny pieces of tile, fabric, stones, and glass. One of my absolute favorites, for example, was done with crayon pieces. It’s the picture I’ve attached to this post.


I can’t wait to see what the artists create this year.




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