Back in the day….

2 09 2011

Over lunch, some long-time friends and I reminisced about our childhood. The ‘remember whens’ came fast and furiously, opening up our memory vaults and letting us share the priceless stories we thought we’d forgotten.

A ‘remember when’ for me came from the time our old car’s lights went out on a drive home from my uncle’s house. It was dark and hard to see the road (no painted middle lines back then), and my mother had to lean out the passenger-side window with a flashlight directed ahead so my father knew where to drive. As children, the danger of the ride escaped us. We loved the adventure, a reason to giggle in the back seat when Mom’s beam of light meandered off the road to the irrigation ditch beside us. Had the car followed that beam, we would have ridden into some deep water, but the thought never crossed our mind. Though I’m sure tension was high in the front seat, we didn’t sense any. My parents stayed outwardly calm, much to their credit. I guess they’d gotten lots of practice keeping their wits about them. They endured the war. What was a little situation without headlights after that?



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