30 08 2011

Imagine living in a time when everything you do that’s out of the ordinary is scrutinized by your family and friends, and monitored by a menacing presence of heartless men. Imagine being so hungry that you are willing to eat the unthinkable, including cooked, mashed tulip bulbs. Imagine being trapped in a country where freedom is a foreign word and your best friend might be informing on you. Now imagine a winter so cold that several layers of clothing can’t keep you warm…and there’s no wood, coal, gas, fuel, or electricity. Each person in your household has only one blanket. Your clothes are so worn they barely hold together.

No, this is not the basis of a fictional story. It’s an  actual historical occurrance. World War II in the Netherlands was a nightmare place to live. That history is the basis of my novel, Such Secrets. I’ve tried to stay true to the sadness, horror, depravation and difficulties of the time. I’ve also tried to portray the heroism of those people. Could any of us endure what they did for as long as they did? I hope we never have to find out.



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30 08 2011
Charlotte Loveland

When will your book be published? Since the Netherlands is your heritage, it must be heartbreaking to see & write of the suffering of your ancestors…although I guess all of us have that in all of our history…can’t wait to read your book as I am a lover of anything historical…

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