THE BETRAYAL by Jerry Jenkins

15 08 2011


Book Review of  THE BETRAYAL by Jerry Jenkins    
The Betrayal, Precinct 11 Series #2Boone Drake is one of those really nice guys you wish was your friend. But his professional side is a different story. He’s all business when it comes to being a Chicago cop. As the action begins, Boone has just brought down a huge crime syndicate, but somewhere in the process he’s been shot in the shoulder while trying to protect the star witness. Not one to lie in a hospital while there is police business to be done, Boone sets out to find the shooter.Evidence builds against Boone’s girlfriend, Haeley, who also works in the department, pointing to her as the informant who led the shooter to the witness. Boone has to decide who to believe—the woman he loves, or the seemingly irrefutable pieces of evidence. He chooses Haeley, though the proof of her complicity continues to grow.

Struggling against the excruciating pain of a shoulder wound, Boone is determined to find out why he is being targeted to be removed from the Chicago Police Department, and who is framing Haeley. Enlisting the help of a trusted friend and colleague, and a lawyer whose wins number in the hundreds, Boone sets out to find the evidence needed to keep Haeley out of jail. When he discovers the identity of the person behind the conspiracy, Boone springs into action, and concocts a plan to trap the betrayer.

If you’re into wild rides, exciting action, and some mystery, THE BETRAYAL is the book for you. From the beginning, Jerry Jenkins will engage you in the storyline, have you invested in the characters, and make you wonder who the betrayer might be.

Jenkins pulls his readers into the story and makes them feel as though they are along for the ride. Forget sleep. You’ll be reading this book from cover to cover, and when it’s done you’ll be left wanting more. By the time you finish the book, the good guys will have become your friends.

THE BETRAYAL is the second Precinct 11 book by Jerry Jenkins, a sequel to THE BROTHERHOOD. If you haven’t read the first book, don’t worry. You will find this one works well as a stand-alone, though once you’ve read it, you’ll want to read the first one too.

I would highly recommend this book to readers of all genres. It is fast-paced, surprising, and a great read. I could see a movie being made from the script. It’s that good.                                                                                                                Rated: Five Stars *****



2 responses

15 08 2011
Charlotte Loveland

Okay, you’ve convinced me…sounds like a powerfully good read! Charlotte

18 08 2011
Christian SingleMom (@SingleMamma4God)

Ooh I read it too and I like it….

It was a page turner. I did not want it to end. This has been my only introduction to the series but ooh I can see myself getting hooked!

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