Frankly, my deer, I don’t…

14 04 2011

Dear conservationist (aka:wild animal lovers),

As spring brings out the best in my gardens, I find myself remembering the famous quote in Gone With The Wind. Except for the spelling of one word…

My flowers are popping up all over the place, but beside them in the  wet muck that is currently their soil, I see tracks. The tops of the new green shoots are missing, proof that some critter has used my gardens as their own personal salad bar. I am not happy. Despite the fact that we have sprayed diligently with Liquid Fence, the damage is there. This year even more plants are affected.

Now, I understand that there are those who love the animals and feel the need to protect them. But here’s the deal. If you truly love the deer, realize that they are starving and then please feed them! I understand there are over 150 of them across the street at the nature center. Give them enough to eat so that they don’t wander into my yard to graze. And while you’re at it, please reimburse me for the hundreds of dollars I’ve had to spend to replace the flowers, trees and bushes they’ve destroyed. It’s a losing battle.

Or there’s another option. Pay for a ten foot chain link fence so that I  can enclose the whole yard. There you go. Lots of options. You choose.



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