The perils of an anal personality

21 03 2011

You would think (or, I’d like you to think) that my anal type of personality would make me an organized, orderly person. (Stress on the ‘I’d like you to think.’)

Well, surprise! I have just spent well over an hour tearing apart two rooms and three closets trying to find a map I knew I had…somewhere. I can still see it spread out on the top of our guest bed, all the parts folded out, barely hanging together. The map was worn from being used–I’ve owned it for eleven years. It couldn’t just disappear, could it? Yes, of course it could.

Now, you should know that this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to find it. The quest has been on-going for a couple of months. I kept going over the same territory, thinking it had to be there. One thing I knew, it wasn’t thrown away. At least, I hoped it hadn’t been.

Today, I am pleased to report, the lost has been found. Tucked way into the corner of the closet, on the floor, under a pile of various and sundry items, there it was. Guess I just need to look harder next time.

I hope you haven’t been disillusioned about me by my telling this story. I really am pretty organized…most of the time. Honest.




One response

23 03 2011

Isn’t it because we put something away in a ‘safe’ place and then forget where that place is?

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