Wisdom from the peanut gallery

14 01 2011

As I wrote of my experience with the disappearing pages, my very wise brother had some sage advice for me. Save, save, save, he said. Of course, this is something I should already know. But on that David Copperfield day of frustration, it’s a piece of advice I didn’t put into practice.

You will all be glad to hear that I now have a disc beside me that contains all my updated work. And, in a year of non-resolutions, I vow that I will back up my work on a regular basis. Especially on those super-inspirational, good writing days, when the words just flow and the pages pile up.

Now, how about another day like that so I can meet my deadline?

Thanks, Ed. I needed that reminder. And thanks to all the rest of you who encourage me. Keep reading!



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