Yikes Where’d December go?

31 12 2010

OK, so the month disappeared while I was busy doing other things. Work. Knitting. Christmas cards. Work. Decorating. Shopping. Work. Wrapping gifts. Setting up beds. Work. Finishing gifts. More wrapping. Work.

Did I mention work? What a marathon the entire month turned out to be! 2011 is about to hit me with a knockout punch. It’s amazing how busy it can get when ambitions are so much bigger than time allows. But I got it all done. Each grandchild is wearing a new knitted hat and scarf and handknit pair of socks. Warm felted mittens are keeping hands from freezing for my daughter and daughter-in-law and oldest granddaughter. And the American Girl doll has some newly knit clothes to add to her wardrobe. And did I mention I also worked?

Wow. Now it’s time to get serious about the novel. I have a self-imposed deadline which I will work hard to meet. The end of March is the date I’m aiming for. Whether or not I can do that…   I’m one of those people who does best under a deadline, so even if I don’t quite meet it, I will be close. Then on to some research and revisions before the summer conference where I will hopefully present my manuscript to an agent.

Christmas socks

Micah, Josie, Paige, Hannah, Xander



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