Final Photos of Artprize

27 10 2010

These are the last pictures I’m going to post. I don’t have a picture of the winner, because when we went to see it there were too many people to get a good shot. I hope to go back and get a picture sometime soon.

Circles and sections

This painting covered an entire wall. Very bright and compelling.

Refracted light

One of the top ten, this piece was amazing. It consisted of several panels of glass just a couple of inches apart with some kind of light source in the center. It was set up in a dark corner so that it could be fully enjoyed. Every angle was different. Very cool.

Chain man

This was a life size 3-D sculpture all done with chain. Interesting use of links.


A huge piece, this is all done with small tile pieces. It was stunning–a huge amount of work.  It took second place at Artprize.

Svelata--close-up detail

 You can see the detail in this work when you look at the individual pieces used to make the picture. This was a beautiful picture.




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