Artprize–Next-to-Last Segment

22 10 2010

We’re coming to the end of my photo gallery, and I have to admit  I don’t have pictures of all the artwork. There were, I believe, over 1600 pieces in all scattered throughout the city. We only had one day to enjoy it all, so we concentrated on the areas with the most art.

Six Days of Creation in Crayon

 This was one of my favorites. Done in crayon (no, not with crayons, in crayon). the whole piece was made up of whole crayons and crayon pieces. Stunning. Creative. Amazing.


This looked so much like a photo, I had to get close up to realize it was a painting. Very well done; beautiful colors.

Glass freeform

This piece was on a wall at the museum and it fascinated me, because it was impossible to tell how it was attached to the wall. It reminded me of waves on the sea.

Gold Reflections

This is a piece by David Huang, a very talented artist whose work is just starting to be recognized. The bowl was stunning. All hand pounded, it had gold leaf applied on the inside. Absolutely beautiful. His piece made it into the top 25, but I really think he should also have been top ten.

Cut Paper Mirror Image

Hung in a window, these were each easily six feet wide and ten feet long. The intricate cutwork made people stop and look at it carefully. From a distance it could have been lace.

Swirls of Yarn

Yarn II

Both of the above photos show works made with yarn. The artist stitched the yarn strands together in a freeform pattern. All I could think was, Wow, that took a lot of thread!



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