More Artprize

14 10 2010

We didn’t get to see all of the entrants, but what we did see was fun, creative, and in some cases completely amazing.

Freedom Eagle



The two figures above were displayed in front of Bistro Bella Vita. The eagle was beautiful–all shiny metal with that gold eye.
The cowboy was whimsical and tin-manish. Great detail on both entries. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the titles of most of these pieces, so don’t quote me on those, but I’ll give them names I think fit.

Steam Pig (its real name)

This was a gigantic entry located in the lot next to the B.O.B. It was made by the person who made Nessie last year. Nessie was a wood (I think) huge carving of the Lock Ness Monster which was initially in the Grand River, but now lives in the pond at John Ball Zoo. It was great fun. Steam Pig was…..interesting.


This was one of my favorite 3-D pieces. Whimsical and about 6or 7 feet tall, kids were drawn to this guy like a magnet. I immediately thought of my grandson, Micah, and how he would love that dragon. Great fun!  Its real name was “A Dragon for Jonas”.

I’ll be adding more pictures later!



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