Great week, great news!

2 10 2010


Sunset over Lake Michigan

I had such a fantastic week  at Maranatha. The presenters were really good, I got a great critique on the first 20 pages of my novel, and Jerry Jenkins complimented me on my first two pages. I entered the poetry contest, and found out on the last day that I won first place! (Even got a cash prize) Gotta love that!

But the best part was meeting up with old friends from the past two years–Crystal, Penny, Shirley, Teresa, Verna, etc.– and meeting some really cool new people (Sara, and lots of others). Plus I met, had a conference with, and had lunch with Lynn Austin! She taught several breakout sessions which I attended, and I discovered that she and I (AND Jerry Jenkins–!!) all have the same method of writing. How cool is that?

Now for the news I teased you about last week. I submitted some poems to a web magazine called Four and Twenty (four lines, twenty words) and got notification that they are publishing two of my poems, one on October 19 and one on November 2. Pretty great! I’ll be sure to post the website when each of the poems is published, if you are interested in reading them. I can’t print them on this blog until 30 days after they are published on Four and Twenty.

So this week my plan is: write, write, write. Did I mention I’m going to write? And then Saturday I’m attending another poetry writing session with Linda Leedy Schneider. Life is good!



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