First two pages

8 09 2010

Here is the debut of the first two pages of Passages, a historical fiction novel. Some of the historical background is based on family history, but much of it comes from the resources I have found in the process of writing. The more I read about this chapter in history, the more respect I have for my parents who lived through the nightmare. My undying admiration goes out to my parents,  Sid and Anne Postma, and people like Diet Eman, Peter Buma, John Knight, Sid Baron and Erik Hazelhoff, to name a few. What a brave generation we follow!

Synopsis in brief:

The story follows a young couple, Sy and Nieka, through World War II in The Netherlands as they struggle through the hardships of rationing and fear of  the Nazi soldiers.

Wanting a new life and fresh start for their family, they emigrate to the U.S. with two small children. Determination brings them through many difficult days, as Sy endeavors to become a successful farmer.

Nieka’s resilience is put to the test after the losses of an infant, an older son and her brother. She is forced to face stark realities about her mother when she learns of the activities her mother engaged in during the war, and those revelations cause her to reach the breaking point. In the end, forgiveness is the key to the peace Nieka so desperately wants.

Check the Passages section for the first two pages. Please leave your comments in the comment box.



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