Workshop results

28 06 2010

One of the best I’ve attended, Linda Leedy Schneider led an incredible workshop on Saturday. I walked away with eleven new poems and lots of inspiration. It was great!

One of the poems that came out of it is called “portrait” which came out of a prompt where each of us was given an old, sepia-tone photograph of a person/people and were asked to write their story. My photo was of a small girl in a dress with a large bow in her hair. I’m guessing the picture was of the 1930-40 vintage. I’ve posted the poem in the character sketches section. I hope you enjoy it!



2 responses

29 06 2010
Trudy Block

Beautiful poem, “Portrait”. It made me return to a photo of my mother (which would have predated this one) in her big hair bow and ruffled home-made dress. Their stories might have been similar: orphaned at an early age. Excellent! Imaginative poetry where you had to make the story line. Vivid enough to draw me into the story. Poignant!

13 07 2010

Made me tear up.

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