SCBWI weekend

5 10 2009

And I thought the week at Maranatha was packed!  Wow, did they keep us busy Friday-Sunday.  Each day started with a session at 7:15 a.m. and ended around 10:00 at night. We had wonderful meals–kudos to the chef at Yarrow!!!–one night we had NY strip steak. Who ever heard of that at a conference with 125 people??!!!  The grounds were beautiful.  Rolling hills, trees everywhere, winding pathways to the various lodges where we stayed, little nooks with benches to just sit and drink in the views…and it rained every time I went out.  Wish I could have done more walking, though there was very little free time. The sessions were packed with information and helpful hints on writing, though I did feel it was a bit heavy on the YA and fantasy side. Lots of emphasis on those genres. I was the lucky recipient of a half-off gift certificate for the May conference in Lansing.  Yay!  Now I need to sharpen my pencils and have at it……

Woods at Yarrow Golf and Conference Center

 Conference room at Yarrow

Copper ceiling tiles in conference room at Yarrow




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